Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Melody in My Memory

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
* I've quite in a personal delimma of mine for these past few days, I don't really know why but i'm having deep thoughts about myself of how should i really be, makes no sense? Don't worry i'm also thinking of how senseless i'm thinking now but anyway somehow i got bit overcome this notion i had, somehow...

Anyway, rather than pouting over senseless thoughts here, let's move to another topic which is the music i wanna feature, it's entiled My Memory by Ryu from the Korean Drama Soundtrack Endless Love: Winter Sonata in violin & piano version. The lyrics is good but i more like it to be in instrumentals though, the music enough brings it own feelings and meanings so it's very comforting to listen to. I love how soothing & romantic it is but at the same time having the feeling that it's a sad music also...like it was a theme song for a long lost memory of a true but tragic love story (my theory). All in all, it's a music to listen to.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Blog & The Blogger

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Music Box

                 It's more than a box.

I have tried to change the name of this blog many times already but I finally ruled out on this one.
I know it's not that unique because when I tried to google for the same blog title in the internet, I found many other blogs that have the same name, and yes that really feels suck. BUT hey, I also got my own freedom to make this blog unique (I'm still on the process ;p). 

My main contents on this blog will be:

MUSIC, which will mostly focus on
           my favorite artists & musicians

OTHERS, random things like

           tv series

           (*pardon me for my inconsistency)

The Blogger

The Name is CT/Ainie, either of the two is fine. First and foremost, I'm new at blogging. Also I suck or rather not that good at writing so I hope you will bear with me. But the honest truth is that I love it though I suck at it because I think writing is one good way to express oneself and I think everyone agrees to that too, right? 

To contact me for any questions, comments, requests, & downloads, then email me at:

ainiesam27@gmail. com or ainiesam27@yahoo.com

Hope you enjoy this blog. =)


Blessed Days

*My sister is coming today so i'm kinda wasting my time here to wait for her. Though i think she's kinda lost now at the street because she wants to buy a roast chicken for our dinner tonight, but i know she'll manage though...

Today i'll be posting another new piece for you guys and i know that for those tea-lovers or those people who loves to hang out on the cafe's might want to hear this one. Really tea is my sanity (exagerating), though i love all caffines like coffee and capuccino but tea is therapeutic. Actually i really don't know if the title is appropriate with my theme but that's somehow i percieve these piece. Anyway try it!

This piece is entitled Le Sourire De Paris by Yuriko Nakamura. Actually when i'm listening on this music i really think of Paris and drinking a tea on a side cafe, reading a boring book and waiting for someone (probably a lover~NAH!hahaha^.^) It's a warming romantic music when i think of it and it makes me think that i'm living in a sepia world not the black-in-white one on the tv, it's rather kinda more romantic in this way. SIGH. Paris, it's one of the many places i wanted to travel most alone in an adventure.

*Ah, my sister has just arrived...Ciao!


Always With You

*I've been spending the whole day today alone at my apartment, watching series, lurking around the net & listening to music--really it's kinda boring but i'm not either in the mood to roam around the streets also. Whatever it is, i'm just trying to make use of the time.

I got another one thing i like you guys to listen to. It's from an anime movie that i've watched a long time ago, actually it's my most love anime soundtrack.

This one is entitled Always Be With You from Ghibli Studios. Love the blending of the musicbox and the piano but what i love best from it is that it gets me the feeling of nostalgia over some memory (i guess?) or something. Hehe^.^ Anyways, it's a great instrumetal music to listen to. Enjoy!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

simple happiness

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

*I never thought that i'd get a respond within less than 6 hours after i posted my first entry. Hehe^.^ I feel a bit flattered and happy so i'm posting another one as a thanks to my first reader.

This piece is entitled A Bit of Happiness by Yuki Kajiura. It's one of my favorites mainly because the sound enough gives me a warm feeling. Listening to it makes me want to sit in a comfy couch, drinking tea and enjoy the silence around me, the feeling of simply being happy with what you have now, enjoying each pleasure you have with your family, friends, or your special someone.

A word from me:

Happiness is just a simple thing that you can always start with yourself. What so grand about it is that you can't put it in whatever category in life, it's just simply something you have in you only when you want it to be.


Joyfulness with Tor

I've heard many types of music already and so it seems that the more i listen to them the more i get sick of memorizing the lyrics already but not with the classic and instrumental ones that i've been become an avid of since last year. I actually have no idea on how to read note and know all the peice titles of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Gavotte's works but I always have love listening to this type of music and oftentimes dream of playing one, imagining to have my own concour, playing amazing instruments-- but then again, reality check, i only end up becoming a frustrated dreamer.

Anyway, as a greeting to everyone from being new here, i'll share something that you might like...

PLAY IT!^__^

It's a piece by Tor Saksit Vejsupaporn, his actually a Vietnamese pianist...this is my favorite of all his pieces because of the feeling of jazz i get from it. You know the feeling of being hype and happy for no reason at all, it's the same kind of feeling.
*I'm still new at this blog so bear with me and i'll be happy to hear reactions from you. Enjoy listening!