Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Joyfulness with Tor

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've heard many types of music already and so it seems that the more i listen to them the more i get sick of memorizing the lyrics already but not with the classic and instrumental ones that i've been become an avid of since last year. I actually have no idea on how to read note and know all the peice titles of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Gavotte's works but I always have love listening to this type of music and oftentimes dream of playing one, imagining to have my own concour, playing amazing instruments-- but then again, reality check, i only end up becoming a frustrated dreamer.

Anyway, as a greeting to everyone from being new here, i'll share something that you might like...

PLAY IT!^__^

It's a piece by Tor Saksit Vejsupaporn, his actually a Vietnamese pianist...this is my favorite of all his pieces because of the feeling of jazz i get from it. You know the feeling of being hype and happy for no reason at all, it's the same kind of feeling.
*I'm still new at this blog so bear with me and i'll be happy to hear reactions from you. Enjoy listening!


fotografiacomfuturo said...

Nice blog! Keep on going...

Anonymous said...

Love the music in you blog. Thanks for posting =)

CT/ Ainie said...

Thanks! Hope you'll keep in supporting my blog.

Taiyou-chan (^_~) said...

Hey, I found your blog very interesting!~ (^_^)
Well you see, I so so so love music especially CLASSICAL MUSIC!~ I also love Yiruma, and I found his name in your blog. So, I started here at the very bottom. I hope I'll enjoy reading the rest.

Nice music! It made me happy. Thank you~ (n_n)

CT/ Ainie said...

I'm happy that you like my blog.
Well, we do have same interest, I also love classicals & instrumental always encourage me and give me inspirations.

I hope you follow & keep on supporting this blog in the future.
(It really means a lot to me)

Enjoy reading the rest.
Don't worry, I'll be posting more of Yiruma's music soon=)

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