Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Melody in My Memory

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
* I've quite in a personal delimma of mine for these past few days, I don't really know why but i'm having deep thoughts about myself of how should i really be, makes no sense? Don't worry i'm also thinking of how senseless i'm thinking now but anyway somehow i got bit overcome this notion i had, somehow...

Anyway, rather than pouting over senseless thoughts here, let's move to another topic which is the music i wanna feature, it's entiled My Memory by Ryu from the Korean Drama Soundtrack Endless Love: Winter Sonata in violin & piano version. The lyrics is good but i more like it to be in instrumentals though, the music enough brings it own feelings and meanings so it's very comforting to listen to. I love how soothing & romantic it is but at the same time having the feeling that it's a sad music also...like it was a theme song for a long lost memory of a true but tragic love story (my theory). All in all, it's a music to listen to.


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