Thursday, September 10, 2009

Always With You

Thursday, September 10, 2009

*I've been spending the whole day today alone at my apartment, watching series, lurking around the net & listening to music--really it's kinda boring but i'm not either in the mood to roam around the streets also. Whatever it is, i'm just trying to make use of the time.

I got another one thing i like you guys to listen to. It's from an anime movie that i've watched a long time ago, actually it's my most love anime soundtrack.

This one is entitled Always Be With You from Ghibli Studios. Love the blending of the musicbox and the piano but what i love best from it is that it gets me the feeling of nostalgia over some memory (i guess?) or something. Hehe^.^ Anyways, it's a great instrumetal music to listen to. Enjoy!


Taiyou-chan (^_~) said...

It's so cuuute~
I also like the sound of the musicbox. (^.^)

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