Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blessed Days

Thursday, September 10, 2009

*My sister is coming today so i'm kinda wasting my time here to wait for her. Though i think she's kinda lost now at the street because she wants to buy a roast chicken for our dinner tonight, but i know she'll manage though...

Today i'll be posting another new piece for you guys and i know that for those tea-lovers or those people who loves to hang out on the cafe's might want to hear this one. Really tea is my sanity (exagerating), though i love all caffines like coffee and capuccino but tea is therapeutic. Actually i really don't know if the title is appropriate with my theme but that's somehow i percieve these piece. Anyway try it!

This piece is entitled Le Sourire De Paris by Yuriko Nakamura. Actually when i'm listening on this music i really think of Paris and drinking a tea on a side cafe, reading a boring book and waiting for someone (probably a lover~NAH!hahaha^.^) It's a warming romantic music when i think of it and it makes me think that i'm living in a sepia world not the black-in-white one on the tv, it's rather kinda more romantic in this way. SIGH. Paris, it's one of the many places i wanted to travel most alone in an adventure.

*Ah, my sister has just arrived...Ciao!


Secret Sunflower said...

Woah. It's kinda romantic huh? I liked it. (^_^)

Snoopy said...

this song is so Paris.. remembering me with tea time with some cake and have a little chat with bestfriend...what a good feeling =)

AINIESAM27 said...

Same feeling=)

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