Monday, February 1, 2010

Yiruma | From The Yellow Room

Monday, February 1, 2010
Yiruma | From the Yellow Room

I've been a drama geek for as long as I can remember especially with Asian drama's but one thing i like the most about this drama's are there musical scoring...I wouldn't say that its perfect but something already near that one. 

Anyway, here I present you Yiruma, one of my favorite pianist...his pieces are all great though I don't play my piano myself, i think that anyone who would hear his music know that it's all great. If you would listen to some of his pieces you'll definitely love it. The feeling that his music brings to you is something that is hard to describe in words but yet it's also something that you yourself want to describe it in a way. How it gives you both feelings of sadness and relieve at the same time as well something that its refreshing to the ears is something what I really like about him. It's kinda amazing how this guy makes music like this but I can tell that it's not just something that anyone can make, especially with the feelings the artist trying to impart to it's listeners.

Listen to his music and I hope you like it. 
If you want to listen & download his album 'From the Yellow Room', feel free to click below. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

yiruma is a genius.

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