Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Blog & The Blogger

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Music Box

                 It's more than a box.

I have tried to change the name of this blog many times already but I finally ruled out on this one.
I know it's not that unique because when I tried to google for the same blog title in the internet, I found many other blogs that have the same name, and yes that really feels suck. BUT hey, I also got my own freedom to make this blog unique (I'm still on the process ;p). 

My main contents on this blog will be:

MUSIC, which will mostly focus on
           my favorite artists & musicians

OTHERS, random things like

           tv series

           (*pardon me for my inconsistency)

The Blogger

The Name is CT/Ainie, either of the two is fine. First and foremost, I'm new at blogging. Also I suck or rather not that good at writing so I hope you will bear with me. But the honest truth is that I love it though I suck at it because I think writing is one good way to express oneself and I think everyone agrees to that too, right? 

To contact me for any questions, comments, requests, & downloads, then email me at:

ainiesam27@gmail. com or

Hope you enjoy this blog. =)


Taiyou-chan (^.^) said...

Nice to meet you Aini. (^_^)
I hope we'll be good friends. Hehe

CT/ Ainie said...

I look forward to that! (^_^)

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