Monday, February 8, 2010

Heartbeat Memorial Soundtrack

Monday, February 8, 2010


by ~Classic--Enigma


Do you know Tokimeki Memorial? I guess for those who love games, they might know this dating sim game, It is the the first among the Tokimeki Memorial Series, but honestly, at first I didn't knew it was a game before it become an anime series. 

For starters, the anime revolves around this guy who always transfers schools every now and then due to his father's work so he always tried not to stand to much because he knew that he'll just transfer again and start all over again, it was sad, but it was his routine. But, after transferring to a new school something weird happened that made him the school most popular lad not to mention the funny & weird occurrences around him and also the blooming of his own romance. The anime series made me really laugh-out-loud. It's an anime worth remembering, It's innocent, funny and sweet BUT my favorite part their was this little-chick in their school's garden who always protects our main character, it's really funny because he doesn't just has the same looks like that giant chick bird in Alice Academy, only his a mini version, but also a black belter.LOL (Better watch it and see!;p)


(isn't he cute,lol)

I personally recommend this to you guys the sim game & anime series instrumental soundtrack collection, it's worth your ears to listen to it. The instrumental soundtrack collection is a music by Taro Iwashiro who have also worked on other anime & game osts like Samurai X, Azumi, Shinobi, & Prince Of Tennis. 


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