Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To My Visitors

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Hello TMB Visitors,

First and foremost, thank you for visiting The Music Box, like what I said in my first entry in this blog…I'm a newbie enthusiast of classical/instrumental/new age type of music; I only started 2 years ago so it's kinda an obvious fact that I can't read notes or know many famous artist/musicians of this genre of music, I don't even have a formal study of music (but I'm trying to learn how play guitar on my own)…I just personally like this type music or so I said already. My only point upon writing this post is to clarify this to my blog's visitors, and may I remind you that this is not a confession but a fact.

On the other hand, I want to apologize to everyone if my way of expressing my thoughts about my posts are not that good(T_T), if my grammars & my way of saying words are bad & some of the medias I post are not working (contact me immediately, if so).

I'm a very open person so I will be glad if you have anything you want to say, suggest, or promote to be posted in my blog whether it's a music, album, artist or musician (of course it should be related to the category my blog), it would be a very good idea to do so since I also want to know more about this kind of things and I promise to credit those ideas to you. You can either contact me or drop your message at my Face Book Account or email me at or

Also, if you don't mind, follow this blog & feel free to drop your comments--but hope it's not a harsh one.

Thank you everyone! Hope you support this blog!

Yours truly,

TMB's author


Raige said...

Hi. I respect you for being honest and sharing your feelings here. I know what it feels like to really love doing something, and sharing that with other people. I also admire the fact that you're open to criticism. This is the mark of a person who is doing her best and I do believe that you will be great in whatever path you choose to pursue.
All I can say is to continue enjoying music and practice a lot. I'll be waiting for your next post. Take care.^_^

Ibana said...

Hi ain!!! Just dropping by! Don't worry 'bout the grammar and the way you write your blog...nobody is perfect..BTW, Ivana here! (in case you won't recognize the name "Ibana" hehe..^^,)

AINIESAM27 said...

To Raige: Thank you for words. Well, I do like what I'm doing now and I really appreciate your comment, it gave me a lot of encouragement. Hope you keep on supporting this blog.

To Ivana: Hello Van, thanks for dropping!=)

MsUndaStood said...

Good Luck to you with your positive attiude you will accomplish your dreams...Im rooting for you...sista!

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