Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ToR+ Saksit Vejsupaporn | Piano & I

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The very first post that I featured here in this blog was a piano piece by Saksit Vejsupaporn or better known as Tor. If you remembered (If not), he is a heartthrob artist and pianist in Thailand and there's no surprise in that because he really is a fine good looking man (I'm talking like an old woman, lol), I just don't know why  other people still don't see how good he is, not to mention his skills in piano which is utterly great (Yeah, I'm exaggerating), how he play those jamming tones is really captivating and heart warming. Aside from Yiruma, I also like this artist because his music has its own signature of his that makes me distinguish him from other artist and I honestly love how jazzy it beats his musics are, especially that one piece of his entitled 'Joyfulness', it's one of my favorites among all his pieces.

Though recently Tor, is currently focusing more on his singing career, I still much like him playing piano more. I'm not saying that his singing is bad but it's more like my ears is more in tune listening with japanese and korean songs so in other words listening to thailandish(I don't know what it's called) songs is something I'm not yet used with but there are songs of his that I like, mainly because the piano instrumentals are something I like more, but I say I like the lyrics of the songs are good.

Here are his piano pieces from his album Piano & I, which are all instrumentals but I'm still missing 3 of the tracks in the album, it's really kinda hard looking for all of it in the internet but still I hope you enjoy listening to him.


Creselyn said...

Wow ainie! thanks for posting tor's wonderful music...i'm beginning to like him too! &(^_^)&..thanks a lot for your efforts...you made me happy today!

Ct said...

Not a problem. Hope you enjoy my blog.

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