Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vitali & Chaconne

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I pretty much don't know the title of this piece before but I've occasionally hear it from old movies that my parents usually watch before, I wasn't that interested with it before. But then, I heard it again from an anime, La Corda 'd Oro, I had watched last year... I pretty much want to thank that anime for featuring it because I finally now know what the title of this piece or rather the form of this piece.

Chaconne in G minor (Vitali)This sound really made me curious because it always gives me a mysterious tingling feeling. It's really weird though but I kinda like it because I somehow feel comfort listening to it. How the sounds strikingly starts followed by the shifting of its tempo is really great, how the pace is always changing elegantly is amazing. Somehow you can feel the violinist effort & feeling is being passed through its each notes. It gives you a bit sense of sorrow but at the same time relief which makes it more charming to listen to. It's a masterpiece worth listening to!


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