Friday, March 26, 2010

The Acoustic Cafe*

Friday, March 26, 2010

Last month, I've introduced here in the blog the Acoustic Café and I know I did a very lapsing introduction (sorry for that) so let me try to formally introduced you to them.

 Acoustic Café is a group of artists who revives and perform great classical music and produces and compose new age music. Their music not only brings you a gentle feeling but also aspiring one, their mesmerizing and soothing and deep . Induced with their famed talents, these people are truly amazing . First to introduce from the group is Norihiro Tsuru, a violinist and a composer who his works have appeared in many anime series but his piece 'Last Carnival' was the very famous work he had made in one of their albums, it was also the very first piece that I heard from this group that I featured last month, and it was like love at first sight when I heard it. Next we have, Yuriko Nakamura, a composer & a pianist. Well, I really didn't know that she was a member of this group but I know some of her works and yes, it was something worth the souls to hear, I love how mysterious her music sounds it always left me a lingering effect from it. Then we have Yoshihiko Maede, a cellist , Yuri Hiranuma a pianist and many various artists. What I like more from this group is that each members brings their own individuality in their music and brought them to us by our ears…which is a true bliss.
 For Your MemoriesFor Your Loneliness
This group, nonetheless, continued to compose their own stage in the musical world, resurrected music of many forgotten and infamous artist of the past and performed to us the never dying classical music of all time.  Their one of many people I truly do admire not just by their talent but also for bringing us this music.

Hope you enjoy some of their noted works.


Ibana said...

I like Nuovo Cinema Paradiso Medley! and Dance of the Blessed Spirits! ^___^ Thanks for sharing Ain!

Ibana said...

---just heard Tears...and I realized I love it!! Really! It makes me remember my childhood days..when I was still a loner...hahaha...full of sadness..yet, a child full of hope..(charing!)...

Anyways, I can't find any adjective to match Ovlivion- Primavera Portena. I dunno...hehe...I'll think of that word first! ^^,

AINIESAM27 said...

I like Tears also...the sound so ironic to me but I still like the feelings it gives.

About Ovlivion- Primavera Portena,well, i did research a bit about it and based on what i found,it's actually like a gospel music turning into classical romantic's not actually a original piece of Acoustic Cafe, it's only one of the classical music they revived.

falterundkrokodil said...


I am so excited to find your blog through the keyword "acoustic cafe". I deeply indulge in their music ever since I heard "last carnival" first time. Could i possibily ask if you know where i can find the violin sheet of last carnival?

Thanks so much for your sharing.

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