Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Great Side of Things

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

by *Lucy-art

I feel a little bit inspired now.

I just read a great blog post a while ago entitled F.E.A.R by Bridget LeRoy, and it give me a bit encouragement to face something I'm scared of now. The truth is, I just failed my 2nd term in my third year in college, it was really embarrassing and heart breaking for me because it was really a first time that I failed in my major class, I feel sad because that class was a prerequisite to our Psychiatric exposure for my course requirements and out of 103 students who took the course 20+ students have failed and I was part of it not to mention that I only lack 2 points to pass it. Well, I did try to persuade my professors to give me a chance or anything that could help me pull my grades and that took me a week of begging, we even went to our college dean's house late at night to beg but still it was hopeless. I guess it was partly my fault why I did not give more of my effort. But now, I finally accepted that fact, it was really depressing and all since my parents are expecting so much from me but I'm glad that they understand. My Mom, said 'Everything happens for a reason,' I know she said that part because she wants to comfort me since I was more depressed than her, but I wish she would have scolded me to help me to be more serious but it was also a good that she didn't. I feel a little relieve now to confess this. Maybe I should try to look on the great side of things besides maybe taking that class second time around would be more easy now since I'm already familiar with it,haha...lol.

I'm blabbering more now than what my usual entry should be but I guess I just want to share this shameful story of mine. Sorry for that.

Bach: The Art of Fugue

Anyway here's my treat to share with you guys, it's Bach's famous piece. I hope you feel a bit inspired and encourage of it and thanks for reading this blog entry. 


Ibana said...

Ains...God/Allah is great..things do happen for a reason...I salute you for confessing about this online...me? D nq kaya..(until now..) :(

AINIESAM27 said...

Yeah. It really is hard to accept this things, recovering from it is really hard but If I don't move on from it, nothing well happen to me.

Why don't you try reading the blog that I just mentioned above. Maybe it could help you lighten up your feelings. Hehe^^

Thanks for dropping by Van.

Ibana said...

You're welcome!! ^___^

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