Monday, March 8, 2010


Monday, March 8, 2010
Taiwanese Movie | Secret

Angel |

I've been watching this movie just a while ago, the movie is entitled 'Secret', it's actually a Taiwanese movie that a friend of mine recommended (Thanks Gitak!) and it was really thanks to him that I was able to get to know this movie. I say it really is a great one, the movie is full of classical musics soundtrack and some new music that are new to me, especially the original soundtrack of the movie were all good. I guess it's the best Taiwanese movie I have watched. I wish everyone can also see it because really, you wouldn't regret it!

I'm gonna share to you one of the soundtracks of the movie and I think this one is really cute and calming. Really, I totally recommend that you watch the movie! Hope you like listening to this one!


Ron Cooper said...

Beautiful, soulful music. Thank you for sharing!

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