Saturday, April 17, 2010

FlameHeart | 상처 지을 수 없다

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Now I have someone new to introduce you guys and then again it was my friend Gitak who introduce this lad to me first. Meet FlameHeart also known as Sinjuku Hanabi, his  nickname in Japan, I actually don't know what his real name is but people gave him that name because according to him, his music is like a fire (hanabi) burning in peoples heart which he rather mean that his music brings enthusiast listeners to listen for more or that's what my friend told me. He is actually somewhat like an idol in the internet in Korea. Things I only know about him is that  he was studying music in his later stay there, people have called him "legend" nonetheless he was mostly regarded as a musical genius among his age and had been offered by many people in Japan but he roughly refused it all or so what I have read in a forum about him but I tell you this guy is really a genius, I don't really know what the truth is because I'm really having a problem finding his biography and all plus his personal blog & everything about him is in Korean which I barely understand at all. 

Now here is a music from him entitled Violet Purple Girl. The first time I heard this music, I already feel in love with it that gives me without a doubt that this artist well soon to be more famous. I'm sorry this is the only song I think I can let you guys listen to because all his albums are purchased in the internet and it's quite expensive but still I'm glad that I was able to introduce you guys this person. Hope you like it!


Creselyn said...

wow! this is a very nice music piece! i like it! no wonder why gitak admires flameheart...he's really very good! thanks gitak and ainie for sharing this music...i hope there would be more! =)

newageparadise said...

Beautiful Melody :) I can feel the sadness and lonliness in the song.

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