Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hiromi Haneda | Two Much When You... (~ZARD Piano Classics~)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

And again, I've encountered another great artist yesterday as I was doing my routine browsing and I'm very glad to discover someone like her. Meet Hata Hiromi or very known as Hiromi Haneda, a pianist & radio commentor. Already familiar with classical music, she begun playing at a young age of four & had also won numerous competitions since then. Her inspirations in music were both Chopin and Andre Gagnon. After graduating music at Osaka College of Piano Music, she began to start her career in music and as well with other fields. But her fame began to increase when she appeared in a tribute concert for ZARD, a famous lyric-singer in Japan that had also won many great awards, as a pianist at 2008. Since then, she had played covers from ZARD music albums that become her debut in the Music scene. 

Nonetheless, I think that she is really good...I haven't really heard any song from ZARD nor know any of her songs but at to what I hear from listening to the cover Hiromi played, it's doubtless that this is a real good music to listen to. Hiromi Haneda indeed played the music well and I'm very glad to have been able to found such great music.

Here is an album of her cover of ZARD, Two Much When You... It's really a lovely album with great music & piano style. Hope you love it!

When you Aitakute
The world is surely is in the future
Get your dream
Wait for the summer sails
Counting distant stars
Goes to live with you
Light snow melted
Pray | Suddenly 

Media Credits to NewAgeParadise.


Ibana said...

Super nice Ainz!

I love track numbers 1 (When You Aitakute) and 9 (Pray) so much that the melodies of these two pieces got mixed up inside my mind! (Lol!)

Thanks for sharing this!..I'm hoping for more of Haneda to be posted here in your blog! ^^,

AINIESAM27 said...

I feel the same, I really love this your choices. This album is truly great.

Don't worry I'll be posting for more of her albums soon. Hehe;D (Ban, naglagay nga pla ako ng chatbox here in the blog,it's just below the left column...)

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