Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fresh Break with Emiri Miyamoto

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's always been my pleasure to share to everyone the kind of music that I love. Nevertheless that I expect that many people would agree to it. In some ways, listening to music has become more insensitive to the ears, maybe because we are hearing almost the same kind of thing every now and then so I hope today's featuring artist & album will give you a fresh break!

This album is by Emiri Miyamoto, if you ask me about her, well I'm still on the process but a bit info about her is that her father, Fumiaki Miyamoto , was renowned oboe player. Classically been trained to be a violinist, she have studied at Germany for ten years at the young age of seven (sorry that's all I still know about her).

Anyway, I want to thank my new dear friend Shiho, the owner of New Age Paradise, for sharing me this album…It's really a refreshing album with new great sensation of new age music that I know, you'll surely love, endowed with great violin skills our female artist here I doubt that you'll feel bored listening to the tracks so without furthermore adieu, Enjoy!
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