Friday, May 28, 2010

[OST]: With Some Honey & Clover

Friday, May 28, 2010

And so after a week of my being busy, I'm now finally free! Exams are over and I can finally return to my own world~ :D

Anyway, to commemorate the ending of my summer class, I want to share to everyone this bubbly album that I'm sure that you'll love. It's again, from my favorite anime Honey & Clover OST by Yuki Hayashi. These soundtrack album is something to adore or more cute to be precise, the tracks don't only contain the usual plain old instrumentals but it has its mixed of jazz & electronic vibe to it. Some the tracks still contain the relaxing classic tunes of instrumentals but it mostly consist of fresh new tracks that might be something new to you. It also contain vocals that makes it more interesting, it totally has its ambivalent feeling that you'll have because of the mixed genres of instrumentals so I think you'll not feel bored or sleepy listening to it. I wouldn't make this statement long so I hope you love this post! :D


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