Thursday, May 20, 2010

[OST]: Nodame Cantabile

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ever heard the title before? Yes or No? Well, for starters, this was first a comic book (Manga), then an Anime, then becomes a TV Series not only by one country but also by other neighboring country of it's original author's homeland. I wouldn't be amaze as to why this story has been revived many times already because it's a story full of humor, comedy, funny romance, classical music, music & more music but I do feel bad from the original comic book though, because the readers would have to enjoy listening in their imaginations the music played in the story. 
Anyway, Nodame Cantabile is mainly a story about a girl named Megumi Noda or Nodame as what she wants people to call her, a very talented pianist or rather a genius that she, herself doesn't even notice, prefers to play by ears than reading music scores and literally dreams of becoming a preschool teacher other than that, she is messy, loves to eat-a-lot (to the point of even stealing her friends food), doesn't take bath for several days...sigh...on the other hand, we have our main guy lead, Shinichi Chiaki who, of course, the top of his class, an elite student, can play several instruments, an arrogant multi-ligual perfectionist and want to be a great conductor just like the person he admires the most when he was a child but here's the deal though, he have an extreme phobia for airplanes & ocean so his trapped in Japan with his great ambition. Now these people have lived in the same apartment complex and right next to each others door though they haven't seen each other a lot but due to some circumstances this two polar opposite people met by accident and....and...I suggest that you read or watch the story, hehe, too much spoilers will be enough to tease you to do so.

Nodame Cantabile: Best 100

Anyway, this is my compilation of some of my favorite tracks from the soundtrack though I only didn't include all the original soundtracks, especially the classic ones but I hope you will enjoy my personal recommended tracks. Enjoy!


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