Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thank You!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recently, I've been feeling really glad because more of my friends and peers now enjoy the kinds of music I like. It's not like I'm glad because I was the one who introduced to them to listen to this kind of music that makes me happy but rather the point that they really had the interest to it and it's really a great feeling when you are enjoying same interest with other people, it somehow makes you feel comfortable around them, don't you agree?

Here's a secret though, actually I've been keeping this blog unknown from most of my friends & peers and it's not like I want to keep it from them either. Well, most reasons for it is that not all of them are really into it also some of them really even said to me that I had a weird taste in music, though it made me feel a bit offended but I want to keep that to myself since I understand that not all people have same likes & dislikes, so I only tell this blog to people whom I've thought to have interest in them cause it makes it more enjoyable if you have the heart to listen to things like this.

To all of my guests and friends who have always been supporting this blog, Thank You. 
I may still be a little chick in the world of blogging and a mediocre in this kind of music field but I'm glad that you enjoy the things I like, it's really been a great encouragement reading your comments & messages to me so I hope you keep on supporting this blog and look forward to my future posts but for now I really want to say thank you. 

Keep on enjoying The Music Box!


Ibana said...

Your welcome Ainz!! teehee!!

never mind being a least you know that someday, you'll grow into a beautiful chicken!!
(chick:chicken) ^^,

AINIESAM27 said...

lol;p that was funny...thanks ban!

Alex said...

Thanks AINIESAM27 for the nice place. I really like your music taste. Keep up your great post everyday :x
PS: I think your filden acc now is out of bandwidth :D

AINIESAM27 said...

@Alex: Thanks for dropping by..
I think so also..I'm currently looking for a good storage file now...but thanks for the reminder. ^^

shiho said...

why don't you try for upload music, it's totally free and on flash flatform =D

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