Monday, June 28, 2010

Endless Violin with Taro Hakase

Monday, June 28, 2010

Just what I have promised before I give you one of Taro Hakase's great albums that I know you sure gonna love. It's all in violins and it's all by the cuddly-human-bear-like-violin-master, Mr. Taro Hakase (pardon me with the overly cute description but I do think that he looks like a bear with a curly hair, hehe :D).  

A little overview, Taro Hakase is a Japanese musician and composer who is widely known as that guy that played the violin of To Love You More in one of Celine Dion's concert it was also the very first time I've seen  and heard this guy in that concert when I have watched it at MTV. Married to an actress, this guy has been one of the most successful and known violinist around the world and I guess if you are a fan of Final Fantasy XII, this dude actually composed its soundtrack album.

He is actually a mere extraordinary solo violinist and aside from making his original pieces and playing violin instrumentals of musics, he is actually more elaborate in his Classical Violin playing but whether its Classical or New Age type of music, this guy is someone we should have our ears on.

If you want to buy the album, click this : Endless Violin


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