Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HAYA & DaiQing Tana

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
A while ago, after my last post, a friend of mine introduced me to another artist who are in the same line of music, not exactly the same but the kind of music that somehow satisfy your soul, so I look them up at YouTube and obviously I've taken a pleasing appeal with this people, so I want to share them to you guys.

HAYA is actually a Chinese band but not your usual type because they are more on traditional type of music with the innervation of modern musical instruments and they are more well known with their Mongolian type of music and with their lead singer Dai Qing Tana. These people are nonetheless one of the unique artist we have in Asia that still promotes the culture and tradition of how the music from ancestral past may have been and personally, when I'm listening to them, I feel like watching an old historical movie but to be more exact, the essence of the feeling that their music gives me are more likely a soulful songs.

Anyways, I want you guys to watch and listen to this MV of them, you can find their other videos at YouTube, it's entitled Qinghai Lake, it's my first favorite among their music and I hope you'll like it to. 

To download the mp3 version, CLICK ME!


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