Friday, June 11, 2010

Kotaro Oshio | Nature Spirit

Friday, June 11, 2010
Hey guys, I guess It's now June isn't it...hehe :) But before anything else, I want to apologize for some or rather most of my medias that doesn't work, I'm having a hard time now with regards of my storage file bandwidth and I'm quite busy this past few days looking for a new one and thankfully I did find one though it was really dragging but nonetheless it is better than not having one. I'm a bit disappointed with the recent problem because I know I've been causing a lot of inconvenience with my visitors here that's why I'm still looking for more file hosting sites that I can conveniently use for this blog so that I wouldn't have a problem anymore whether some of medias are working or not, so I'm really sorry for the inconvenience...I hope you don't mind mailing or contacting me if this kind of problem is happening again. AND ONE THING ALSO, though, if my medias doesn't work you can still download the file as seen in my Download Direction. So even though this blog has many flaws I hope you keep on subscribing and visit it. :D

Now, for today's post I want to introduce you guys to Kotaro Oshio, an acoustic guitarist from the country of, of course, Japan. I'm kind of fond of this guy in many ways by the way and that is because he really isn't that type of artist that focuses on one genre, hearing him play in jazz, classic, new age, and even instrumental version of some old songs, this guy is really nerve-wracking, in a good way of course, not to mention his techniques in playing guitar is totally something you'll be amaze about, I guess I wouldn't mention it all but to describe this guy in one word is, Amazing!

So I present you guys one of his album, Nature Spirit, the album is full of fresh tracks that I'm sure you'll love also an instrumental version of one of my favorite song of Beatles, In My Life. If you want to download the full album, you can refer to Shiho's site, New Age Paradise or simply CLICK ME~ So enjoy listening :D


Ram said...

pic is beautiful.. :)

AINIESAM27 said...

@RAM: Thanks:D

newageparadise said...

It's summer time :D
Time to enjoy the nature with relaxing new age music :x :X

Snoopy said...

so relax ainie..i think it's like depapepe, but in the slower mode :)

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