Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Something for the Soul

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When it comes to music, I don't stand in any religion or nationality as long as I feel that it's something that worth the ears to listen, i don't mind hearing it with my ears. I guess now your wondering why I've been saying such thing because my post today is something, I guess, would more be favored to our Buddhist brothers and sisters.

First thing first, I want to introduce you to Imee Ooi, is a Malaysian music producer, composer, arranger and vocalist who brings traditional Buddhist chants,mantras and dharanis (typically from the SanskritPaliTibetan or Mandarin languages) into sung versions with accompanying musical scores. She also is a classical pianist by training. (Source: Wikipedia)

I may not well understand what I'm hearing but listening to it is somehow soothing and makes me feel relax and solemn so I hope you guys appreciate this post and by the way, this post was actually been requested by someone who sent me a mail yesterday though I'm already planning to post it even before he requested me to, but still I appreciate his email, so anyways, enjoy listening.

To easily download the album, CLICK ME!


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