Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Place Of Euphony ~ Paradise Music

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Every now and then, I've been getting many private emails addressed to me from this blog, people asking me for personal requests and all but recently those request and favors are now coming from independent artist and the most recent now is a Record Company. Haha, LOL, I somehow get a feeling that this blog is somehow making a hit on its own, I'm very glad about this (Thanks Everyone!)…Anyway, I don't  really refuse such request because helping others that promotes and provides the kind of music that I enjoy is my own best regards to the music and to the artist themselves. So here's a new place where I give my personal recommendation to you guys to fully enjoy my kind of music, Paradise Music.

Paradise Music Ltd is actually a Record Label Company of New Age that was established in 2005 by popular New Age artists Llewellyn & Juliana and Neil Worgan. They are now one of the fastest growing international music companies in the World and won many awards in the recent years including, Best New Age album in 2008 at International new Age Trade Show (INATS) in Denver Colorado and Best New Age and Best World Music for the year of 2010. Having artists from assorted origins of their own, they didn't just merely brought us music but also the explicit talents and the taste of music of each artists' heritage with a mixtures of their own styles and atmospheres they create. 

So if the kind of music you seem to want yourself to wander with is that of Beautiful Voices, or that of an Angel, Faeries, or that of Natives, Celtics, or something that is Uplifting & Inspirational, Healing & Relaxation, Meditations or simply just a Natural Sounds, then try visiting Paradise Music and support this new age artists!

Soon I'll be giving you more teasers from them so better keep in tune with The Music Box!


newageparadise said...

wow, i think that your blog is very popular now :D

AINIESAM27 said...

@Shiho, yes maybe...but I'm not still that popular as you think but I'm very happy that some people are looking forward in this blog =)

newageparadise said...

maybe they try to invest for the future :D

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