Friday, August 13, 2010

Kyoji Ohno | Music for the Mind ~ Positive Outlook

Friday, August 13, 2010

Now here I have I special surprise for you friends, it's a music by Kyoji Ohno. Truth is, I just recently know him but after listening to some of his music, I regret not knowing him a lot more earlier but no sense for whining about it.

So who is this guy again? Now, I only got little information about him but as what my little research has told me he is fairly not that of an artist who have studied his life learning to play piano or violin or whatsoever, maybe took some lessons but not for main profession of sorts. Yasuhito Ohno or better known as Kyoji Ohno was born in Japan but grow up in the Big Apple, which I mean of course New York City. So what so good about him, well that would be that this guy is a total genius with his way in 3D and digital sounds. Using modern way of making music, this guy got the talent of making beautiful unique sound that will give you the sense of nature and by the way, he owns his own studio to make his compositions and digital sounds. He excels in Midi programming and acoustical orchestration. That is the far most things I know about him. Info credits to

Short Story

Hear and revitalize your mind with the sound of nature and various instruments of Kyoji Ohno.So please do enjoy this treat by him. 


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