Thursday, August 12, 2010

One More Time, One More Chance

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This is actually a soundtrack instrumental from an Anime movie I've watch years ago and I suddenly got reminded of it when Shiho posted the theme song of it in Facebook...somehow it reminded me everything about the movie. The movie is actually entitled '5 Centimeters Per Second' it's a strange title somehow but the movie is totally great, it has a slice of life and reality sense in it, like how doing something and not doing anything makes a difference and the story itself is very well written. Another thing I like the movie is that it has many point of views in life which might give yourself a second thoughts to reconsider and how sometimes letting go might be your best option to move forward. I really fell in love with it so I suggest that you better watch it now...hehe;p

I love what the title of the song signifies, kind of sad but the message it says is I guess what everyone wishes to have once in their life. Anyway, enjoy this treat! Good day.


pak9 said...

tq for reminding me of this lovely anime cuz ive watched it b4 but cant remember the title ;p

anyway tq! keep up with the blog!

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