Sunday, August 29, 2010

Random Songs of Hikaru Utada

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello my dear visitors and friends! How is everyone, I hope everyone is doing well and not that really busy because I'm sure am busy here on my side thanks to school works, my thesis, and my preparation for next month's OJT (where I'll be living at the other side of my country for more than a month) so I might be gone for a while but I promise that I will not leave this blog empty for next month because I'm preparing already some scheduled post to fill in my absence. But I wish I'll hear something from you guys because next month is actually a special occasion for this blog, you might as well have guessed it but still, your messages and  comments are great source of encouragement for me.  

So for tonights treat, I give you some random song instrumentals of Hikaru Utada. Have you heard of her? She is actually quite popular in States and Europe. An American- Japanese singer, song writer and producer. She's one of my favorite Japanese singers ever since high school. I feel in love with her 'First Love' the very first time I've heard it, the lyrics of the song was truly emotional and the instrumentals is sure bliss that's why I'm very glad when I accidentally found some instrumental versions of her songs especially First Love. I'll stop my talking here so I hope you enjoy this post! Good night =) 


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