Friday, August 6, 2010

TMB's Surprise Treat

Friday, August 6, 2010

I woke up early today and I couldn't help it to not to stay awake because of an email I just have received a while ago and that my blog has been recommended to be featured at and I happen to hear that to the Featured Blogger Coordinator of himself. Also, I've been noticing from my Feedjit that their are a lot of people that are subscribing and has bookmarked my blog (I feel a lot grateful today) so as thanks, I want to express my gratitude thus I'm making this surprise treat for whomever made all this possible~you!

Dream Waltz | Say You Love Me 
 Peace World

It's actually from a Taiwanese drama before that I watched, entitled It Started A Kiss, it's totally a hilarious romantic comedy TV series about a naive girl who got rejected after confessing to the school's NO, it's nation's number one genius with an IQ of 200 in front of the whole people in school, her bad luck doesn't just end to that because  after moving to their newly finished house, they have to move again into their family friend house after it has collapsed from a low-intensity earthquake and guess whom she is moving in to live?! It's the guy that she confessed to just that day. This is enough of a spoiler I guess, you should watch the series for the rest.  

Anyway, It's really a funny and sweet drama to watch, I wish you watch it also, and the soundtrack also is so cute so I hope this will brighten up your day. Hope you enjoy this surprise treat.

Thanks again everyone!


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