Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ys Piano Collection

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I don't really know much about games but I do know that some have really nice sountracks and I happen to actually to download this album collection by accident but after listening to it, I thought 'this collection is nice'...so I want to share it to you guys this nice album.

I pretty much don't know about the background of this album, it has very few infos about it when I google it up but I did find few tidbits about it. Ys or Isu is actually a Japanese computer and console role-playing game series, it started around 1987and up to this year 2010. The game take place to a place that somehow resembles Earth and the adventure of the red-haired swordsman Aldon Christin and his companions. The game actually have been turn into an Anime, the first part which was often referred to as 'Book I' started around 1989-1991 and the second part, 'Book II' was on 1992-1993. I haven't really watch such epic anime but I do appreciate a lot the soundtrack of it. That's all I know I guess so hope you enjoy this treat!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Studio Ghibli | The Cat Returns

Friday, September 17, 2010

Here's another Studio Ghibli treat and for today's movie soundtrack it's The Cat Returns

This is one of my fave movies of among Studio Ghibli 's works, it's somehow the sequel from another Studio Ghibli movie, Whisper of the Heart, but the story here now focuses on a new character, an average high school and his adventure with Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, a cat statue with a soul and the owner of the Cat Bureau (he is that cat statue in Seiji's grandfather's store in Whisper of the Heart). This movie is a charmer, terribly cute and I personally love the character of the Baron since I love cats.  The story goes with Haru, your average high school girl who is shy and quite and unassuming girl and finds her self very unsatisfied with her own life. She actually has a long suppressed ability to communicate with cats. One day, upon saving a black cat from being run over by a vehicle in the street, the next day, she finds herself now being a savior of the Cat's Kingdom prince, which is actually the cat that she just save in the other day. So as her reward, she was been given with so many unexpected gifts and surprises, such as cat nips, mouses, cattails, etc. but the most unexpected thing is that she is now then been chosen to be the bride of the cat prince. What a day for her and now to get out of all this rush, she then seek help from the Cat Bureau where she met the cat statue Baron, the fat white cat Muta and the raven statue Toto. It's like an Alice in Wonderland adventure for her but it's also her struggle now to 'believe in herself'. 

This soundtrack album has 30 tracks all in all by Yuji Nomi but I'll just post my recommended ones. If you want to get the full album, you can contact me if you want but for today's post, just enjoy the treat! Good day.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[TEASER] Spirits of the Forest

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another treat from Paradise Music, Spirits of the Forest featuring their outstanding Celtic group GOVANNEN in their catching low whistles, violins, guitar & bodhran and elegant harp sound of France Ellul. Be mystified and enchanted with this treat! 

So much that I want to personally have the full tracks copy of this album to share, I can only give you this teaser treat. Sorry >_< 

If you want to buy this album, 

Also available in AMAZON!
Spirits of the Forest


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

*Taking A Break

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hi everyone, it's me your TMB's sole author and owner of this blog, Ainie! You might as well notice it I think but I want to formally tell you this now. As you've notice, I haven't had any new post this past few days and the reason for that is I'm taking my serious time to my studies and thesis and I can't use any spare of it to my blogging and not to mention that I'm having a major-major problem with my audio hosting that most of my medias now are not working except for the past months posts. So, I want to inform everyone that I'm taking a break at my blogging for now until I finish with my obligations in my studies BUT I promise to return to you by next month (hopefully) and by then I'll repair all my medias but for now, might as well just enjoy the remaining working medias or listen to my TMB's Radio Station, you can just click the widget at the right side of this blog. 

T_T I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you can understand my matter and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for giving so much attention at this blog.

If you have some personal suggestions and request, you can leave me a message or email me so that I could make it as one of my future post. As for now, I'm taking my adieu~ciao!

Another P.S. 
Do you know any great FREE audio hosting sites? Please inform me if so, just email me here. Thanks!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Japanese Mysteries

Monday, September 13, 2010
Experience Japan like you have never been before. 

It sounded so cliche with that advertising line but on the contrary, I'm serious about it since Japan, for me, is a captivating place I'm looking forward of coming to (in the future)...for now experiencing it to it's music would be enough. 

Japanese Mysteries is an album by Ron Korb with Hiroki Sakaguchi. It's actually a collection of famous Japanese figure of thoughts that represent the mysteries of the Japanese culture. It's magnificent, eerie, and beautiful with the various oriental instrumental sounds that would ring your ears to listen. So relax and enjoy this experience.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shin Ji Ho | Music Box

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Now this album caught my attention...why? Obviously because of these words "Music Box". Hehe, I actually have this album for so long now but I've thought that I would post this album soon, at the first birthday of this blog, and I'm glad it's finally out for you guys to listen...it's somehow more appropriate to do so but on the contrary I think I'm just obsessed with it because of the word 'music box'. Tehehe;p 

Korean Fantasy

This album actually has less tracks than a normal album must have but I'm sure you'll love it. It sound exactly like how would a music box would be, it's gentle, transparent, and magical. I've pretty much taken a liking with this gentleman. I hope I could keep on having more post about him and his music but for now, let just enjoy this treat.

So I've been getting a lot of mystery artists today and can't keep of knowing more infos about them but I'm glad I can share you guy's their music. 


Happy 1st Birthday TMB!


So it's finally been a year already. 

Hello everyone, as you now know, today marks the first birthday of this blog. One year...it's already a year that I have been sharing music in this blog of mine. I got many thoughts and musics that I want to share to everyone and thanks to this blog that I have that opportunity now.

I know very well that this blog has 'too' many flaws in it, like the way I often change the design, why some of my medias doesn't work and why I'm not that often updated not to mention my mediocre way of expressing my ideas and thoughts but nonetheless I think I did a good job (I think) and coming this far...The very first time I made this blog was just out the whim, I was still not literate enough with the world of blogging that's why for the first four months since I established it, I was just rarely posting something not until early this year that I become more active of it. I understand that I'm kinda acting recklessly out of my own interest every now and then but I realized that this blog has shown me many great things and that somehow it made me grow.

The Music Box has given me more than it has given you music to listen, it gave me opportunities that I never thought I would encounter, like gaining new friends and being of help to other people who wants to share their own music to the world. It was my first intention to just share the music that I love and my thoughts with it but today maybe it has become even more of that. Music in general is a vast world to explore to and besides everyone has their own personal preference of the music they like but my love for instrumentals music is something I can't compare with the other genres because to me the plain sound of each instrument expresses more meaning than hearing the actual lyrics of a song, it was enough for me to interpret the feelings that the melodies have rather than understanding the words behind each lyrics. Watching TV & Anime series, Asian dramas and Movies as well reading Manga and books were my great source of ideas for making this blog including my discoveries with various artists of New Age that I become more well informed with their works and music and also the never fading sound of Classical music by the infamous artists of the past, all these are nonetheless the things that I want to share to each and everyone of you. 

To those who have encourage and help me in improving this blog, you have my gratitude; to Shiho's site, New Age Paradise, to Alex, All Music for Soul, thanks for sharing your great music with me; also to my acquainted friends & visitors who had always been my inspiration, you guys are the best! Hehehe, I think I've been saying a lot of corny things in these post but already anyway Thanks! I don't know if this blog will reach another year like this but let's just see for that to come.

I hope you have enjoyed my goodwill service of partaking the music that I love. From here on, I hope that you keep on supporting this blog.

Stay in tune always with The Music Box!