Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ys Piano Collection

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I don't really know much about games but I do know that some have really nice sountracks and I happen to actually to download this album collection by accident but after listening to it, I thought 'this collection is nice'...so I want to share it to you guys this nice album.

I pretty much don't know about the background of this album, it has very few infos about it when I google it up but I did find few tidbits about it. Ys or Isu is actually a Japanese computer and console role-playing game series, it started around 1987and up to this year 2010. The game take place to a place that somehow resembles Earth and the adventure of the red-haired swordsman Aldon Christin and his companions. The game actually have been turn into an Anime, the first part which was often referred to as 'Book I' started around 1989-1991 and the second part, 'Book II' was on 1992-1993. I haven't really watch such epic anime but I do appreciate a lot the soundtrack of it. That's all I know I guess so hope you enjoy this treat!


pak9 said...

ever heard of the song titled Radical Dreamers from the game called Chrono Cross? its lovely :)

Haru-chan said...
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