Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[REPOST]: *Favor, I need your help...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This isn't actually one of my usual post but what the post title says, I'm in terrible need of your help now (will not exactly that terrible). 

As all of those who have always been a frequent guest here in my blog, I'm on the process of repairing it, technically saying, I'm re-uploading all those files & medias that have collapsed since my previous audio hosting site expired and now that I have found a new one, I've ran out of space, I didn't imagine that I've already shared you guys more than 2GB worth of file size from my posts since March up to now and my free account registration has already reached its capacity. I'm sorry that I really don't have the money to spend to upgrade my account because it's too much for me and my allowance can't obviously afford it but thankfully I found another way to increase my file space and that is if you are willing to join and register with the file hosting site I'm currently using now, it's actually a great site if you ask me because once you've upload your file in the site you can synchronize it with your PC or laptop and by clicking the referral link that I will share you below will also help me increase account space. I hope I'm not asking too much from you with this favor but I really appreciate the help you will give since it will help me continue on sharing you guys the music I've set to partake to you all. 

and Join!

and oh, i would mind donations...
any amount would help :)

UPDATE: So this is a repost post, I don't want to make another one regarding to it since it will only mean the same thing. I hope you understand that I'm running this blog for free and at my own expense of time & effort and I hope you don't mind helping me with my favor since  I want to keep on working on this blog even if i'm often lazy to post, no excuse there, but I hope with your support I can keep this blog going on. Thanks :) 


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