Saturday, December 4, 2010

TMB's Christmas Season Special: Once Upon A December

Saturday, December 4, 2010

So it's already Christmas season everyone. I'm actually kinda excited for this month for actually, I've been wanting for this day to come so that I could post today's treat. I really am anticipating it because I really think that this month would be the greatest day to post it, nonetheless, I think you already get what I'm trying to say, don't you? Haha... So for today's post, it's Once Upon A December music box version from the Animated movie, Anastasia...I personally love the movie and the story and mysteries about the Romanov family but let's leave that thought and I hope that you enjoy this post.

It's already the season so I hope everyone is feeling great about it though I don't literally celebrate the occasion, I still enjoy this light atmosphere that goes with it so I hope this year's last month would be another unforgettable memories for each and everyone. 


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