Monday, December 27, 2010

TMB's Holiday Christmas Special!

Monday, December 27, 2010

How's your Christmas everyone?! I hope everyone had a great time with your family, friends and love ones these days! Though I for one don't literally celebrate this season since it's not really the kind of thing to be celebrated in my religion...I do share that friendly-warm atmosphere with everyone else especially I'm having that week here in Manila.

I've been gone my friends and I guess that goes without saying that I'm been with the flow with the holidays, haha, don't blame with that one okay and another reason also is that my laptop has been wrecked so I had all the week mourning about it and at the same time deciding which brand I would buy new and finally decided on this one, a Samsung Netbook, a lot smaller than my usual lappy but I'll be getting used to it soon besides I love Samsung but still I love my Toshiba lappy since it's been with me for almost three years and I never thought that I would be buying a new one right after in my last year in college, sigh. I still adore it even though it pains me to see it's LDC totally wrecked because of the droplets of water that I didn't notice on my laptop's screen. I'm glad my Mom didn't nag me further about my own recklessness why I didn't take care of it better.

So before I go nuts with talking about my new lap--scratched that, I forgot it's a netbook, here's my Christmas Holiday Special Treat to everyone enjoying these cold season and now awaiting for what seems to be a new beginning that I hope that everyone is waiting to welcome soon.

(I actually got this version from House MD soundtrack,
 the one that House played but I forgot what season that is...hehe:)

Merry Christmas Everyone! 
Happy New Year!


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