Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fragrance of Cello Part 2/2

Sunday, January 16, 2011

If I didn't own this blog and I was just working it for someone's else sake, I guess I would have been fired for being so lazy (sorry for that) a long time ago but thankfully, it's mine. Hahaha (LOL).

Anyway, I just had finished watching this Thai Movie that my friends keeps on bugging me to watch for this past few days and luckily, I was able to download it with English subtitle. I wouldn't want to spoil you guys too much about the movie because I'm thinking of blurting it all out once I get hold of it's soundtrack and post it here on the blog soon but for now since I'm still on the hunt looking for the album, I'll just tease you with it. Sigh. It's really indeed a great movie since My Sassy Girl (I'm talking about the Korean version) but I personally, somehow, I like this movie more since it's more focused on High School kids and that made me missed all those time when I was that kind of kid, I mean, I did have a crush but maybe by far, he was the last 'real' guy I had ever been infatuated for because I really can't remember being hooked or been interested on some other guys now in College and seriously if there were good ones, they either would already be taken or gays---no offense meant. But anyway, I remember reading something from a Manga I was reading a while ago before I watch the movie, one of the guest character said that "You shouldn't take a simple crush for granted because this what makes you prepared from what comes next...True Love", sounds selfishly stupid but it has some points in it. 

I wouldn't want to tell more about the movie and myself here (because I've been spilling all my pitiful love life here) and spoil my future post for it so I'm getting straight to the point of this post. Since I'm still high with all the oozing-innocent-teen-age-puppy-love feeling I think it's appropriate that I post the second part of Fragrance of Cello. Sorry for taking so long to post this but anyway, hope you like it anyway.

Now that I think of it, some of the title of the tracks have negative feelings in it but oh well, I'm still feeling warm here, hehe :)


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