Sunday, January 9, 2011

[OST]: Leap Year

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I was meaning to post this one last year but it seems to be that I had forgotten it but it's better to post it now than never, right? So this post for tonight is a soundtrack album of a movie I watch last year. If you hadn't watch the movie yet, the story actually goes like this, it's about a girl who somehow desperately wants to get married, settle her life and have a family and when she thought her boyfriend is gonna propose to her but had given her an earing instead of a ring which makes the scene pretty much a misunderstanding, now the girl decides that she'll handle it in an old traditional Irish way since her boyfriend is now in Ireland for a business trip, legend says that during a leap year, a girl can actually have the opportunity to propose to the man of her destiny and live a happily ever after life with him. So our pretty lass decides surprise her boyfriend and propose to him just like what the legend says...but things pretty gotten messy and I guess you might have guess what comes next with the story after the girl meet another guy in Ireland...that's how the story goes, I guess and Oh, the title of the movie is actually Leap Year, as what you obviously see in my post title.

 I actually really like the story though I was attracted rather most with the musical background and how the nature of the sound make it so romantically Irish, which is thanks to the one who made the music, Randy Endelman (it's my first time knowing about him) and it made me somehow imagine dragons and Braveheart along with it...I don't know why about that...but the feeling is rather like a mix of excitement of magic and I'm talking nonsense again. 

I'll cut myself here and rather let you enjoy this post...because I might spit some nonsense again...haha...So 'Bain sult as' as they say in Irish...about the meaning...better look into it yourself...Good night everyone!


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