Monday, January 3, 2011

Yiruma | Doggy Poo's OST

Monday, January 3, 2011

I know. I haven't post any Yiruma album recently that's why I decided to post one to welcome this year with. 

At first I never realized that this album was a soundtrack album by Yiruma from a movie that I haven't actually seen yet, so I'm thinking of downloading it and watch it some of this days, but anyway, rather than focusing myself to think that the album's title is really weird, sorry for thinking so, I couldn't bring myself to hate the musician behind so I might as well ignore the title because as to the contents, its everything that I expect to hear from Yiruma. Such delicately played tunes; warm and soothing and that's what I really like about his style. Oh how much I would love to see him actually play...I guess I should visit South Korea in the future, that's would be something to look forward to. Smile.

UPDATED: I finally able to complete the files on all the tracks, sorry for the inconvenience anyway, and I want to thank first Alex Music Blog as well as because without too much hassle, I just copied their links to the other half since it's take me time again if I'll upload the other half. So I hope you enjoy this post:) 


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