Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heartwarming Sounds [Part IV]

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm again at one of my own-melancholic-fantasy moments tonight though I did have an overwhelming afternoon with some of my friends, I still can't shake this unsteady and empty feelings now that I'm alone in my apartment. These days has been like that and please don't get me wrong with me going on drama with my love life since I seem to have posted this notion at this kind of moment (I'm talking about Valentines, if you still don't get it) and the one thing I know that would comfort me now is listening to something refreshing to my ears and thank God I came across with these album. 

Now that I remember it, these was one of the albums that I downloaded the past year that I have seem to have forgotten, but I'm glad that it suddenly came to me when I'm feeling all lonely and melancholic, it really comforted me, somehow *smile*, especially this track entitled 'Rakkou', it really did lifted a heavy feeling inside me that I don't why did I have it in the first place but the more I listened to it, it somehow it continued to uplift me that it utterly feels so nostalgic all of a sudden...actually I really don't know what exact words to describe it because just a while ago I was feeling blue but as I type this words now and listens to the whole album, I feel like my whole mood brighten up. 

Now, I guess it's been so long since I've last posted my Heartwarming Sounds series in this so for tonight's post will be some tracks of the album that I hope you all will surely like, oh, by the way, the album is actually a soundtrack from an Anime series I've watched before entitled 'The Twelve Kingdoms', I haven't yet finish watching all the episodes but it surely is a nice Anime especially if you have a thing for Historical ones. 

I really love this album in all sense because of how it sounds oriental and sensational, I guess I'll be listening to it for this entire night. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this treat and may ease anything that you might bitterly feeling :D Goodnight!


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