Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hiroki Kashiwagi | Pictures

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Hello everyone! Again, sorry for posting late because I'm really busy nowadays since this semester is ending I've been making a lot of requirements since February especially my thesis, but thank God that I'm able to finish it now and doing bit of corrections. Anyway, today I receive a comment from Enrique (I hope you don't mind that I mentioned your name here), and I'm actually feeling glad and concerned with it. Its really is nice when someone is concerned with how you feel because somehow it entails you that they care for you.

I know that I've been posting a lot of sad-related-posts recently. I didn't realize that other people would be too concerned about it. Sorry for that and Thank You. Truth is, though I may sound so melodramatic here in the blog, I'm a strong person and a happy-go-lucky one at times. Though I may sound so contradicting but its True. Believe me. I admit that I'm the emotional type but I'm also stubborn about showing my sensitive feelings to others and instead often show them  a fake facade. But recently, I've learned that it's not that really good making your fake facade to cover your true emotions because it becomes a habit and once it's a habit, it'll be hard for you to revert back to your true self, and because of that others abuse you and since you've gotten used to your fakeness, it's hard to stand against for yourself...and I was actually like that ever since High School though I've change little by little now. I realize after that little change that somehow being with the people who really knows you and knows what you really feel and respect you with it, was somehow a light breeze. It's more comfortable now than I usually have been before. But maybe I would haven't realize it all if I didn't know how lonely and melancholy I've been feeling every now and then, it's like a saying I've heard before, "If you don't know what loneliness is, you wouldn't have know how important and precious little happiness can be." or something like that. The point is, just don't overdo it and always be positive and never give up. Yeah~it's cliche and I know you've heard it a million times from movies or maybe read it in novels and books but it's had always been effective you know. Trust me!~ ; )

So let's move on now with what I'll be sharing you, I actually discovered this album from Shiho's blog, New Age Paradise, he actually have many great albums so better visit him if you want. It's an album by Hiroki Kashiwagi entitled Pictures, his a Japanese Cellist, it's really a lovely album and very warming and nostalgic too. You know the feeling of visiting your old home and looking at your old family or friends album or looking at those picture frames that is decorated in your living room and somehow you remembered those moments that happened when those pictures where taken, that is the kind of feeling I've been feeling listening to this album, too much like from a movie scene isn't it, hehe :) but I really kind of love that since it somehow brings back old good happy memories. Now I sound like I've defined the meaning of this album for myself. Anyway I hope you love it also :)

To Enrique, I hope you feel better now and like this album. :)