Friday, April 15, 2011

Firefly | It's Summer Time

Friday, April 15, 2011
A lot of things happened around me that I didn't notice that it is actually summer by now. 

A few days ago, I was at my hometown. I came home to attend my little brother's graduation and to of course, enjoy the family reunion since my second eldest sister came home with her family to have their family summer vacation. Just the other day, I was babysitting her almost two-month old baby, Haniqah. Truth to be told, I actually like babysitting babies, I mean, aren't they adorable? (Just say yes!) Especially those who were recently been born, oh, how much I want to cuddle and have a bite of them (Meany me ;) Anyway, while I was babysitting little Haniqah, I was playing this long forgotten album I had downloaded from Shiho's blog entitled "It's Summer Time" by Firefly and also since I remember hearing something about babies listening to Classical music, I thought of making her listen to an New Age music and hoping she might like it...and yeah she did somehow like it...she stopped crying...but only for a bit...LOL. 

After little Haniqah slept. I was continuing listening to the album for hours. I forgot that I actually heard this album sometime before and for hours I just kept repeating it. It may not sound like it's the perfect summer beach music but the refreshing and relaxing sound of it that comes along with some background sounds of nature makes it more comfortable to listen to in these scorching heat of the sun.

Rather, this album gives me an impression of spending my summer vacation in a peaceful farmland than in the beach, don't you think so? Enjoy :)


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