Saturday, April 16, 2011

[OST]: Taiyou No Uta ~ A Song to the Sun

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A month ago, I'm not sure when exactly is that, my classmates and I were talking about movies, we were so crazed on watching cute love-story movies from Thailand, South Korea & Japan until she recommended me a Japanese movie entitled 'Taiyou No Uta'. When I heard the title, I paused and thought for a while because the title sounds so familiar to me and when I asked her to tell me some scenes about the movie and confirmed some things about the story, I knew then that I really did know it. It's actually a live-action movie version of a Manga I've read I downloaded the movie and watched it...of course, why wouldn't I, right?!

The story goes about a girl that has always been watching for a certain guy from her window, she had been watching him for so long now that she eventually fell in love with him even though she doesn't know anything about him. The problem now is that the girl, though she wants to get to know that guy, she can only go out the house at night when the sun is out because she can't be under the sun due to a possibility that it might kill her. It's actually a skin disorder with no cure (Poor Kaoru, that's actually her name). One night, while she was at her usual spot and singing & playing her guitar, she saw that guy again and this time she wasn't hesitant now to introduce herself to him, even saying that she had never had a boyfriend was actually a hilarious scene if I'll tell you everything but that's how the story goes, either watch or read for the rest of it. When  I first read the Manga, I cried...really cried, because I never expected that she would happily accept her fate, also that lyrics in her song were so touching, how she literally express her feelings...that's why I wanted to watched the movie so eagerly and see if they used the same lyrics to it...and of course, they really did use it. I've been actually listening to it now for almost two weeks already and I never got myself tired of it, even though it's in Japanese, knowing how it mean, I really fell in love with it and not to mention the soundtrack of the movie also. So for tonight, I'll share to you this small treat and advise you that you watch the movie or read the Manga because I assure you, you'll love it ; ) Good Eve!

Omoitsuki | Classroom One & Two

The last song is the instrumental version of the Song that I was talking about. I hope you like it too, also try listening to the actual song of it, you might like it.

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