Thursday, May 26, 2011

Studio Ghibli | Whisper of the Heart

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hey guys! Miss me?! Me too, I missed my blog...and I'm happy to read some of your messages, I mean it's been so long since I've been able to get in touch with the internet world...well, not really that long you but for me it IS. Sorry for being MIA in here since I got a lot of family issues happening around and one is that my father recently had a heart surgery but don't worry his okay now and doing his rehabilitation phase already and being the soon-to-be-nurse in the family I was obviously been assigned to take care of him this past few weeks but now I'm off duty since I'll be enrolling myself for the new semester and I don't want to miss it since it's gonna be my last semester in college. Geez, I'm finally graduating soon!!!

So as my comeback treat, it's gonna be the another soundtrack from Studio Ghibli, Whisper of the Heart. The movie was somelike a prologue of the past soundtrack movie of same production I posted here before, The Cat Returns, since it is where Baron and Muta is first introduced but only in here, Baron was only a mannequin doll and Muta was your typical fat-alley cat who wanders alot. It's really an old Anime movie actually but I can't help but adore it and I was definitely caught by the Japanese version of Country Road song originally by John Denver in the movie, though the lyrics is not totally the same translation it have in English, the sense of the song is somehow still the same with the original song itself. 

So, unlike the story in The Cat Returns, the Anime movie of these soundtrack tells a story about middle-school girl who happens to love reading books than her studies, (I know it's a good hobby but once you got hooked on it, it can be a little nuisance also). Every time Shizuku (our lead girl) borrows a book from the library she always notices the same thing, that there's always same guy who is borrowing the book she had read and even some books that she haven't even read yet, this somehow entice her to know who the mystery person is. One afternoon, when Shizuku forgot the lyrics that she's drafting in school she immediately went back and look for it knowing that she inserted it somewhere in a book she was reading a little while that day only to see a boy of whom she thinks is in same age as her, but only to be criticized by how corny her lyrics is (and I'm talking about her Country Road version, which I personally quite like because it sounded fun, google it if you want to know more about what I mean). Anyway, the next day Shizuku finds herself loitering around the town until she decides to follow this fat alley cat (just for the fun of it and in someway, it also made her curious somehow) leading her to a old Antique shop, fascinated and intrigue with most of its content especially the cat statue wearing a formal attire perks her attention more, only to find that the shop belongs to the grandfather of the same boy who insulted her and what's more is that his the same boy that she was looking for all this time. And I guess you know what happens next. It's really a young and innocent love between teens and their decisions in their future lives. I really the movie because it isn't like how most Anime are now as we see it nowadays. Anyway, same as usual, I suggest that you watch it for yourselves :)


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