Sunday, June 12, 2011

Albrecht Mayer | Bonjour Paris

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sorry guys, I intended to post more earlier than this but then I got hooked from watching music videos and movies, LOL. So anyway, I want to dedicate this post to my eldest sister, Jehan & my friend Widya!

Now let me tell you about my latest exploits, for the past week, I've been listening various French music even downloading everything that has a 'French' word in it...why? Well, I'm actually looking for this French album that I heard in a café called 'Café France' near the hospital that my father had been admitted to last month. I kinda regret not asking what the albums title so now I'm been doing a scavenger hunt looking for that album, I know your wandering why but if I tell you that it's because the whole time that I've been listening to the tracks of that album every time I get to eat or drop by the cafe, I always get these pleasant feeling of being in Paris listening to it, and really, I totally regret not asking, because now I want to relieve that sensation, I mean that's what I like about instrumental music, they always give me various sensations and feelings when I'm listening to them...hearing them somehow makes you feel that you are living within the culture of the origin from where that music came from and plus the calming effect they always give you. Sigh. Do you get what I'm saying, I mean, I hope you do because it makes me sound like an idiot telling you all the 'trance feeling' I have when listening to these kind of music.

So as far as my hunt had led me, I still haven't found that album. But I came across this album from Alex site, All Music for Soul, I mean I did browse all of his albums in his Archives, even went back from his previous years post to be able somehow fill the excitement I've been gawking-ly been doing looking for that certain album, and unexpectedly, it somehow did the job, because  this album maybe full of Classical French music which is kinda far from the New Age French style music I've been looking for, but this album is actually quite nice. I'm not being sarcastic here but really, it's really nice. I know, you might enjoy it too, surely :)

Mind if I tell you that I'll only post my selected tracks in the album since the sizes of the files are quite big and I don't want to use all the spaces in my Dropbox which I'm running out from it and I don't want that to be the cause why I can't post anything anymore in the future so I hope you enjoy my selections. Ciao everyone & Merci for visiting TMB!

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