Friday, June 10, 2011

Day Dream | Sentimental Dream Part 1

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey, it's finally June , can you believe it? LOL, that was a stupid question it's already the 10th day of the month so obviously you knew its June, (sorry, I'm just teasing you guys up*chuckles*) so anyway, my last semester has just started this week. I'm so excited because in 6 months I'll be graduating! Yehey! Haha, now that sound so over enthusiastic but you can't blame me about it since right now I'm being all sentimental about the thought of me graduating soon, that's why I can't help but treasure my remaining moments in school, with my friends and classmates.

Really, the thought of me graduating soon makes me feel all too emotional since I'm getting older, I mean by the time I'll be graduating will also be the month that I'll be turning 21! I'm turning 21 this year! Ugh! That makes me feel like I'm so old, I mean I still feel I'm a teen-ager but I don't mind being mature and all. Sigh. Now, I'm thinking a lot of things in my life, I mean I should really plan things ahead since I'm older now, right? How I miss being a kid sometimes, being all innocent and carefree. Tch, really, I'm thinking too much now. Sigh.

So to match my feelings now, I'm going to share you guys another album by Day Dream, Sentimental Dream, now this album is courtesy from Shiho/ Windy's blog, New Age Paradise, so feel free to visit his site since he has a great collection of albums their (believe me). I'm actually listening to it now while I'm typing this post, haha, their quite catchy and soothing to the ears, and with such a sunny but a bit windy weather outside (this is the kind of weather I like a lot, especially when I'm just spending the rest of my day at home) plus a tea to drink while listening to this album is giving me the serenity I need since I'm being all mushy and stressing myself out thinking of my future but for a while I'll just enjoy the luxury of this haven.  Enjoy, enjoy!


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