Thursday, June 16, 2011

[FEATURE]: Esperanza Spalding

Thursday, June 16, 2011

So I bet your wondering who this woman is? And don't forget that I myself is included to those people who is thinking the same thing.  

To be honest, I just recently heard about her this week, thanks to my sister. Honestly, I thought she was just an instrumental artist from 80s or 90s, please don't blame me that since the video that my sister link me to in Facebook have given me that first impression (since it look like it was taken a decade ago) not to mention the 'hair' (I always thought that only few people keep those kind of hairstyle now) and I didn't actually thought that she was the 53 Grammy Awards winner who beats Justin Bieber for the Best New Artist Awards, no offense but that fact already made me fond of her already since I actually don't like JB that much though I like his 'Never Say Never' since it's one of the soundtrack of  Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith's revived movie 'Karate Kid' and I really liked that movie since I'm a Jackie Chan die-hard fan, (so to all JB fans, I hope you don't take my opinion personally and harshly). So anyway, I got myself research more about her, since it kinda made me like her instantly and especially that there are only few artist in the world who plays bass and made herself internationally acknowledge and not to mention that she is in Jazz category and not the Pop culture one. 

Aside from being a jazz bassist and singer, she is also a composer and she does also play other instruments like cello which was the first instrument that she intended to play with all the long way but she had fell in love with the bass at the age of 14. That's where all it started. Now I don't want to tell you guys her biography and all since that will make this post long and boring to some others that reading it so here's a link if you want to read all the way (LINK). Anyway, let's stick to some recent news about her. So according to a site that I recently read, she was oldest among the nominees for the award in Grammy but she was the youngest not to mention the first jazz artist to won the award. 

Indeed, how could a jazz musician possibly win the Best New Artist Grammy in 2011?

The easy answer is that she's a highly skilled and highly marketable musician. She's obviously photogenic and preternaturally poised in the spotlight, be it on national TV, performing for President Barack Obama three times (twice at theWhite House, once at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony), headlining sold-out shows across North America and Europe, paying tribute to Princeopening for Prince, co-hosting the Grammy pre-telecast ceremony, or receiving a Grammy herself. This, plus her backstory, youth (she's 26, oldest among the nominees but young as acclaimed jazz performers go) and virtuosic talent, make her a natural spokesperson for an American art form, and the recipient of some crossover attention. ~excerpt from

So I won't lie to you that I'm still on the process of knowing more about her and liking her music. I like jazz but I only have a few songs and selected artist that I love and her being one of them now. I actually admire women being at the top of the society with just using they're pure talents and skills. 

I'm glad to have introduced you to such a great artist. So here's a video I wanna share with you where she performs in the White House so I hope you enjoy it!


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