Sunday, December 25, 2011

Enya | Sounds of the Season

Sunday, December 25, 2011
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

So how is everyone? 
I know, I know *both my hands in the air in surrender* I've been AWOL a lot since my last post and I realized that I'm not keeping my words so I won't make excuse this time I just hope you'll give me another string of your patience since I think that lately I can't figure myself so I'm a little bit in a soul searching moment or moments rather *that was my called it the other day* with myself and everything that goes with my life, I hope you understand that and I know I sound so over-dramatic and emotional lately but I just can't help it, blame me for being a girl with an on-and-off-tendencies of being melancholic every now and then which I think is kinda bad since it's getting the better of me. 

Sigh. Enough of my drama, it's suppose to be Christmas and I'm here weeping my self, Urgh! My bad, just don't mind me people, I just hope everyone is doing fine these days so I here's my Christmas treat for you guys from Enya! Hope you like it and again Merry Christmas! Love you lots people! ;)

P.S. I wish everyone to have in you to pray and hope for the best for the people in the Mindanao (Philippines) that that are affected by the Typhoon Sendong, it's gravely a tragedy for the victims that they had to spend Christmas knowing what they had lost but let's hope and pray that they'll be able to cope and move on. 


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