Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moving On...February!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Hearts Month Everybody!

Now I'm wondering, in a while that I've been gone, has everyone  found some special someone to spend this month? I hope most has but exclude to that because I'm totally  not available this month because this month is gonna be a start of something else for me, hmmn, I bet your wondering what that is but don't because it's not related to a boys or the like, haha :D

Anyway, no more lame excuse post of why haven't updated-blah blah blah from me from now on so I'll just cut thru the chase. I'm sorry for being somehow negative from most of my posts last year, that's why I'm trying to be cheery for this year, because this year is gonna be the year that I must be positive and hard working! YEAH!!!

Moving on...

So I doubt that you don't know whose my starting of the month artist will be because if you love love & heartbreak songs then you surely know who Adele is, don't you? Who don't because I totally gonna curse your love life this year! *Haha, just kidding* But tell me who haven't heard her emotional songs because I totally gonna recommend for you to listen to her albums now!!! As in Right NOW! She really has a great voice and great songs.

Truly, I think Adele is one of the greatest artist that I had truly admire for this last decade because her songs are something that I surely know that will be a Classic after 50 years or so; It might be a little sad to listen to the meaning behind each of the songs but on the other side, it also tells me how strong the female protagonist of each song is, how they were able to face reality, to have to let go, and move on. I don't know for others but for me  it's something I think everyone should be able to do, not just in life but in every problems we encounter to.

So here's my a video of an instrumental cover from Jun Sung Ahn of Someone Like You by Adele. It's a pretty great cover in Violin and I enjoyed watching this twins too they good too!Hope everyone loves it! :)

And here's an mp3 version if you want. 

 You can visit there YouTube Channel if you want to listen to there other covers, just click the underlined word, JuNCurryAhn

P.S. You might hear some attach music at the end, so don't wonder about it because I just converted the video. 


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