I'm not expecting to get everything I wish for in one go but I do wish that I'll be able to get or experience them but there's no need to rush for it cause I know someday, I'll be able to. =) 

So I'll gonna share you guys a list of my wishes. I sound really too materialistic to some of the things in the list but I think I'm more like a gadget-freak than the latter...hahaha (LOL)

1. ATTEND A CONCERTO  OF MY MY FAVORITE ARTIST. I've been admiring Classical & New Age music for a while now and I'm hearing and seeing it mostly in the internet and albums and I'm really wishing that I could attend a real concerto of some of my favorite artist, even it's a once in a lifetime experience would be enough, I guess...hopefully, when I can save enough money to travel and roam around the world, I'll be sure to visit Venice, Prague, Japan...any place that I know I'll be able to watch one. Meeting them also would be a great bonus.

2. CANON EOS 5D MARK II. One thing for sure is that I don't have a talent in photography but I do enjoy looking at them in a sense that I like how each picture give such impressions and unique meaning of their own. Actually, I'm only good at editing one and enhancing them...haha..but I wish to capture my own photo of things that I think that it's beautiful and breathe-taking...

3. LEARN TO PLAY PIANO, VIOLIN, or CELLO. It's something I'm longing to learn. But I'm not that equip with the instrument and as well as a teacher to learn it but I guess in time...I'll be or maybe if I didn't, I wish my children to learn it.

4. IPHONE. Well, I'm totally fine with my phone right now since I'm using y favorite brand, Samsung, but sometimes I do feel wanting to have this phone though I totally know that I'll be tired of it after a few months. It's just I feel like I want to go with the trend that's why I want it? Oh well.

5. I'm still thinking...I'll just update it later...